Not-for-Profit Media Company


Not-for-Profit Media Company

In 2011, a major Brooklyn-based, not-for-profit organization merged its separate radio, print, and broadcast components into a single media arm. The new media group approached PBDW in 2015 with the goal of consolidating the company into purpose-built space that would unify its operations under one roof.

PBDW and the client explored development options on several different properties before selecting the final site in Brooklyn, adjacent to a prominent Spanish Colonial cathedral and its rectory.

The new 42,000 SF media building will house a full broadcast operations center for the production and distribution of programming on the company’s cable TV channel, as well as office space for its radio, print, and online media outlets. A multi-purpose room will serve as breakout space for covering major media events, and as community space for the cathedral.

The building harmonizes with the adjacent, historic church campus while its modern expression reflects the technology-based communications company housed within. The design explores notions of spirituality and contemplation through vertical elements in the façade and in the lobby. The main façade is comprised of faceted glass bays set between panels of concrete, brick, and glass in a palette sympathetic to the cathedral and rectory while, at street level, the main production studio volume is clad in copper panels. Both façade expressions turn into and run through the lobby, which serves as a light-filled entry and vertical link between the broadcast center and office spaces above.


Not-for-Profit Media Company


Brooklyn, NY

Date Completed