Chanel, Inc.


Chanel, Inc.

Praised by Herbert Muschamp in the New York Times as “an elegant blow against kitsch,” the design reflects the special character of this classic fashion icon in a building consistent with Chanel’s European roots but completely at home in New York.

This graceful seventeen-story tower, on 57th Street in Manhattan, houses Chanel Inc.’s American flagship boutique including a salon, showrooms and related offices, and represents the renowned fashion house on one of the foremost retail frontages in the United States.

The principal south facade was designed to embody Chanel’s timeless elegance, in a restrained but enduring vocabulary of clear glass and grey granite with two black ribbon stripes set symmetrically around the entrance. Visible from a distance, the west facade presents a bold and simple composition of cut-out glass windows set in meticulously detailed stone masonry. The completed building is chic and modern but nonetheless consistent with the roots of the House in European masonry buildings.

PBDW’s design work for Chanel on 57th Street also included the interiors of the showrooms, which provide an appropriate context for the timeless beauty of its fashions.


Chanel, Inc.


New York, NY

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