Central Park

  • Charles A. Dana Discovery Center

  • Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, Detail

  • Ballplayer's Refreshment Stand

  • Ballplayer's Refreshment Stand, Detail

cultural & preservation

Central Park

For more than ten years PBDW worked with the Conservancy to introduce amenities and new services to the Park in a vocabulary that would complement the original architecture and sit comfortably in the landscape.

We worked on projects of every scale, from new railings for the Carousel and information kiosks at principal entrances to freestanding buildings. We renovated the Loeb Boathouse from a snack bar to an elegant lakeside restaurant, and we built the Ballfield Cafe on the site of the original ballplayers house designed by Vaux. At the southern end of the Park we designed and executed the restoration of the Pulitzer Fountain and the renovation of Grand Army Plaza, one of the most important public spaces in New York.

As part of the program of revitalization, a restaurant and an innovative environmental education facility were proposed for Harlem Meer, in the park’s neglected, distant northeast corner, inserting contemporary park users into the venerated landscape. Careful management of borrowed forms, patterns, and materials brought off a close interpretation of “cottage” architecture at a larger size. Our success was never more apparent than when the New York Times referred to the newly constructed Dana Center as “the old boathouse” on the Harlem Meer.


Central Park Conservancy


Central Park, NY

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