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American Numismatic Society

The American Numismatic Society is the oldest and largest organization dedicated to the study of coinage in the Western Hemisphere, with a priceless collection of over 800,000 coins and medals and an unequalled library containing over 100,000 reference works, rare books, and documents. The organization includes 1,800 members and publishes over 300,000 words annually in newsletters and learned journals.

PBDW assisted in the analysis of the existing 25,000 sq. ft., six-story headquarters, establishing the costs for renovating the building to suit the Society’s needs. With the benefit of this analysis, ANS sold the building and leased 15,000 sq. ft. in a former printing building in lower Manhattan. This strategy allowed increased efficiencies and lower operating costs, positioning the society to ensure their mission for the future.

Our design for the new headquarters organizes the principal components of the Society’s program—spatially and architecturally—into distinct and visually legible precincts. Public programs and exhibits are accommodated in interconnected galleries and lecture rooms near the entrance. The ends of the public gallery are framed by the library, identified by a wall of ochre-colored Venetian plaster, and the high-security coin vault concealed behind a wall of leather. A flexible backstage office area provides the administrative staff with efficient and semi-private workspace, removed from the public activities of the Society.


American Numismatic Society


New York, NY

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